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USE A LUMBAR SUPPORT- Sunday, December 13, 2015



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      My previous blog discussed how to sit properly. You should know by now that sitting is harmful, but sometimes necessary. When sitting, it's important to sit with proper posture. But when that is not feasible, the next best option is to use a lumbar support. Most seated surfaces are designed for comfort, but fail to provide proper support for the back. This lack of support can cause disc herniations, also known as bulging discs. It is this repetitive misuse that leads to 85% of low back injuries. To prevent injury from sitting improperly, use a lumbar support. Lumbar supports are inexpensive and may be transferred to different seated areas (see images above). Most cars are equipped with an inherent lumbar support. However, I believe an accessory lumbar support is more efficient. Make sure you are using it correctly. If used correctly, your low back will not have a “C-shaped” hump while you use the support, and you won’t slouch. The lumbar support should not come up higher than the bottom of your shoulder blade. 

      You may visit our "Products" section to find the exact lumbar support that I recommend.