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Services offered

We have provided
services to:

  1. Country Club Hills, IL Fire Department
  2. Glenwood, IL Fire Department
  3. Village of Flossmooor, IL
  4. Glenwood, IL Public Works
  5. Homewood, IL Fire Department
  6. Richton Park, IL Fire Department

What is back-safety consulting?

We speak in-house to your employees.
We teach them:

  • how to best perform their duties without injuring their backs and necks
  • how to set up their work stations to prevent back and neck injury
  • efficiency without injury

Why use a back-safety consultant?

  • Lower back problems cause employees to miss 93 MILLION workdays a year
  • States pay SEVERAL BILLION dollars in workman's comp benefits annually
  • Back and neck pain is frequently the leading cause of workman's comp claims
  • 5 BILLION in health care costs result from back pain EVERY YEAR in the United States
  • Most low back injuries are not caused by one incident, but rather from an aggregate of constant, small weight-bearing tasks performed incorrectly

Does back-safety consulting save money?

  • "For every dollar spent on wellness programs by employers, medical costs were reduced by about $3.27 and absenteeism costs reduced about $2.73..."(Chicago Sun-Times, Aug. 2011)
  • Wellness programs provide between $3-$6 return on investment for every dollar spent (Chicago Sun-Times, Aug. 2011).
  • A study performed in the airline industry showed the cost of back related injuries for employees attending a back strengthening group was only $206 per participant, compared to $4,883 per non-participant.
  • Another study demonstrated a decrease in sick leave due to musculoskeletal problems, such as back pain, from 5.3% to 3.1% and a decrease in employee turnover from 30.1% to 7.6%, after the employees attended an ergonomics talk.


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