It is estimated that 91 people die everyday from prescription opioid overdoses. Ninety-one! And a large percentage of thes people are on the pain-killing drugs for back pain. If 91 people died everyday from doing anything else, there'd be daily news stories, blog posts, and a social media uproar until those deaths ceased. But, prescription drug overdoses seemingly get viewed as "acceptable." Why? Why don't we hold these drug companies and prescribing doctors accountable for their actions?

Of more concern, why aren't complimentary alternative methods THAT ARE PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE in fighting back pain...without the consequences of death...highlighted or recommended to patients by their M.D.'s?

This video clip from Fox News discusses this exact topic and what should be done about the opioid problem. It also mentions acupuncture and chiropractic as great options for people suffering from back pain.


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