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This book will teach you:

  • Simple solutions for the Inactive Person
  • 60 scientifically proven secrets to prevent the cause of your back and neck pain and alleviate, if not not eliminate your current pain over time.*
  • how to properly perform 60 everyday tasks, activities and exercises.
  • secrets that your doctors know.

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*The good things in life take time, and your recovery is no different. Our book is not an instant pain reliever, but rather something in the middle. We're not making false claims that say, "Buy this book and you'll do cartwheels tomorrow!" No, some EASY modifications, a LITTLE time, and a willingness to change are required. The good news—our PROVEN methods are easy to follow and should keep your spine healthy for a lifetime.

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Have back pain?
Neck pain?
Difficulty sleeping?

The book, Secrets to Preventing Back and Neck Pain: 60 Ways to Protect Your Spine can help you stop it.

Why? Because it works.

"What a better place the world would be if we would all take a moment to listen to Dr. Zumstein...we could probably save a billion dollars a year in less back pain in our society."

– Mark Hutchinson, M.D., Professor of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Head Team Physician, University of Illinois at Chicago

"A must read for the health provider – especially for one who wants to know and understand the mechanics of human motion and performance."

– George A. Goodman, D.C., President, Logan College of Chiropractic/University Programs

"Dr. Zumstein describes a practical and easy-to-understand approach to help you manage and cope with existing back pain, as well as strategies to keep you from developing new back pain. Following his simple suggestions will help anybody improve their quality of life..."

– Mike Gilmartin, A.T.C., Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago

"[Secrets to Preventing Back and Neck Pain] is ... a great way to get results. Chronic back pain is an epidemic in the US and this is a first-class solution to creating change!"

– Dana Cavalea, Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach, Founder of MLStrength

"I will proudly put my copy [of Secrets to Preventing Back and Pain] in my waiting room where all my patients can gather a few pearls."

– Mark Hutchinson, M.D., Professor of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Head Team Physician, University of Illinois at Chicago


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Invest in the book at 50 cents a secret and receive:

  • knowledge only known to certain health care professionals
  • decreased pain
  • improved quality of life