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Massage Therapy that meets your needs, highly trained Massage Therapists, and prices lower than many area providers - that’s what you need when you’re looking for Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy that Meets Your Needs

Homewood, IL residents know that The Back Safety & Wellness Center can provide you with exactly what you need for Massage Therapy. Our Massage Therapists at The Back Safety & Wellness Center are trained to help identify the issues you have and provide therapeutic massages based on your needs, as well as providing light pressure spa massage. We can provide exactly what you need in Massage Therapy.

Highly Trained Massage Therapists

Our Massage Therapists are highly trained. They receive ongoing training to make sure that they are up-to-date on the latest and most effective procedures in Massage Therapy. Homewood, IL residents are pleased that we don’t just provide Massage Therapy for back pain. We can help you with other challenges you face, such as post-workout soreness, and headaches and sinus pressure. Our Massage Therapists have the expertise to provide you with relief from leg and knee pain, discomfort in your arms and shoulders, stress and anxiety, and difficulty sleeping.

At The Back Safety & Wellness Center, our Massage Therapists are trained to help diagnose other issues you may have, which a typical spa massage can’t provide. If you need help in other areas, Dr. Josh Zumstein and his staff can assist you with Chiropractic treatment and Acupuncture - or, you can just receive Massage Therapy.

Homewood, IL residents also appreciate that we don’t have just one Massage Therapist at The Back Safety & Wellness Center. We have two Massage Therapists so you have more options for treatment. We have both a female and male Massage Therapist - you choose which one you see, in case you are more comfortable with a Massage Therapist of a certain gender. We are pleased to provide that for you at The Back Safety & Wellness Center.

Prices Lower than Many Area Providers

While we maintain the highest quality at The Back Safety & Wellness Center, our prices are lower than many area providers. You lose no quality with our services, and you might also save some money.

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